About Us

Oliver Hunt is a luxury jewelry brand designed to resonate with the modern woman who is sophisticated at heart. It speaks to the curious minded woman who is open to new experiences and confidently expresses her personal style, awakening her inner goddess.

Oliver Hunt along with it's subsidiary Parthia New York, offer a variety of options to address the needs and moods of today’s urban women. She is someone that appreciates, collects, and wears pieces that were carefully hand-embellished and chosen by skilled artists. The variety extends from Haute Joaillerie to every day styles. It is both comfortable and versatile.

- The Vision:

Our inspiration comes as much from classical history as from common, everyday happenings. The ancient world is our go to place for ideas, thoughts and memories, all of which trigger a desire to create, express and indulge. Some of our constant inspirations are drawn from Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, the Byzantine Empire and the Spanish Empire. Through our work, we want to preserve traditions, encourage innovation and protect each talented and dedicated member of the team who make it possible for us to do what we love and bring our ideas to life.

- The Designer:

The man behind the brand is Oliver Hunt. For Oliver, designing luxury pieces is an art that has spanned through 5 generations in his family. After receiving two degrees in Fashion Design, developing the Oliver Hunt and Parthia labels became a main objective. Thus, a company was born. And with it, the opportunity to own, create and develop a brand built on new ideas.

Special Consideration:

We offer several options in customization for an adjusted price. Please contact sales@oliverhunt.co for more information.